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GreersGone.com is a website and discussion forum dedicated to the disappearance of mystery author Greer Larkin.

We will discuss any and all clues, leads, and theories as the academics and serious-minded Greerists we are.


Fact #1: Greer disappeared in the early morning hours of August 24, 1999. There were no witnesses, so no one knows the exact time. According to the statement released by the police, Jonathan Vanderpoole, her fiancé, was in the house with her that night, but he was sleeping off the two bottles of wine he single-handedly downed over and after dinner and heard nothing. When he awoke in the morning, her car had already been found by the police. He claimed he didn’t even know she wasn’t in the house.

Fact #2: A red 1980 Fiat 2000 Spider registered to Greer Larkin was found sitting in the parking lot at the Kilmarnock Lighthouse and State Park. The driver’s side door was open and Greer’s purse was on the ground, the contents strewn around. From the grainy footage on YouTube, it looked like someone had turned it over and dumped everything onto the ground. I’d always thought someone was looking for something. I mean, that’s how I look for something lost in the bottom of my bag. The police never released a list of those contents, saying they were evidence in an open investigation, which has led the members of the fan site to believe that something was missing from or added to the contents of that purse that would help identify the killer/kidnapper.

Fact #3: The night before she disappeared, Greer and Jonathan had entertained the diners and staff of Battaglia’s Italian Restaurant by having a full-on screaming match in the middle of the restaurant at the height of the dinner rush. This was before camera phones had become the norm, so what really happened has been distorted by multiple retellings. The maitre d’ told some newspapers they’d been arguing about money, but other diners claimed they’d been arguing about the wedding. Regardless of what the argument had been about, it ended when the maitre d’ saw Jonathan slap Greer, and Greer storm off, driving away in her 1980 red Fiat 2000 Spider.

Fact #4: Blood was found on the seat of the car and smeared on the inside of the door. DNA tests completed in 2014 confirmed it was Greer’s blood. Jonathan’s DNA was also found in the car, but as he lived with her, and drove her car occasionally, so the police can’t say it didn’t belong there naturally. An additional hair was found in the car, but never identified; however, forensics proved it didn’t belong to Greer and it was far too long to belong to Jonathan.

Fact #5: A week after Greer’s disappearance, investigators learned that there was a secret account in the Caymans with eighteen million dollars in it, in the name of Jonathan Vanderpoole. It had been opened eighteen months prior to Greer’s disappearance. There were instructions for one million dollars to be automatically withdrawn from Greer’s trust fund account—the one her mother, Blanche, controlled—every month and deposited into this account.

Fact #6: A body has never been found. Not in the woods. Not washed up on a beach. Not anywhere.

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